There are millions of people in the world with the noble task of imparting knowledge to others. This is not a simple task. There are countless varieties of students and teaching and learning methods. Therefore, certain characteristics in a teacher make his or her work efficient and produce excellent results:

Patience: Teachers will constantly face difficult situations, especially if what they teach is relatively complex. Often you will have students who learn at different rates and your teaching method will not work in the same way for all students. Being able to overcome the frustration of seeing that your methods are not producing an effect and keeping calm while evaluating your possibilities can only be achieved by being patient. Without this quality, the possibility of being a long-term teacher is small.

Creativity: Each student is different. This makes them learn at different rates and with different methods. Persisting in the same method will give few results. On the other hand, having the ability to constantly create new methods, as well as new dynamics, can only be achieved by being creative when it comes to teaching.

Responsibility: Teachers are examples for their students. Their punctuality and professionalism must be impeccable. Only by demonstrating commitment to the teaching process, can they expect the same from their students.

Curiosity: A quality of teachers is that themselves are constantly students. Their knowledge library is constantly renewed. They transmit their passion for knowing to their students. In the same way, they do not settle for knowing things superficially; since they want to be prepared for explaining anything, they seek to decipher everything they know in depth.

Empathy: Since everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way, good teachers repeatedly undergo the task of deciphering the most appropriate method. The best way to achieve this is by standing on their students’s feet. Seeing the world from another perspective can result in better understanding of why a specific point is not being understood or why some methods are more successful than others.

Motivation: One of the main challenges teachers face is keeping students committed to the content, a task that becomes more difficult the more time they spend studying. Good teachers know that a class is not only about passing information, but about activating the students’ desire to acquire knowledge. Therefore, teachers know how to motivate students to give 100% of their effort at the time of learning and are not satisfied with what they can give, but expect more.

Being a teacher is a privilege and a responsibility. Good teachers always practices it as such.